Based on the LTA’s successful tennis scheme, our tennis coaching programme gives an introduction to tennis for children from 3 years old. We provide a professional pathway to support your children under the guidance of our fantastic, fully-trained coaches, with a maximum ratio of 1:8, allowing us to serve up the best results for your children.

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Tots (3-5 year olds)

Players will learn the basics and how to enjoy the game through a series of fun activities, based on the fundamental areas of balance, co-ordination, agility, movement and racquet and ball skills.

Tots Tennis Lesson Prices start from £19.50

Mini Tennis: Beginner (5-8 year olds)

Learn to serve, rally and score with a slowball, as well as the movement and co-ordination skills needed for tennis. Players are encouraged to play fun competitions in teams and as individuals, with short matches using tie-break scoring.

Mini Tennis: Intermediate (8-9 year olds)

Develop a rounded game, learning a range of techniques and tactics. Courts are bigger and wider than in the red stage but still smaller than full-size tennis courts. There are team and individual competitions with matches using tie break scoring.

Mini Tennis: Advanced (9-10 year olds)

Players can now put their technique and skills into practice on a full-size court with a faster ball. There are individual and team competitions, with scoring extended to short sets.

Junior Tennis: Beginner (11+ year olds)

The first stage of learning using the full compression yellow ball and full sized rackets. The focus will be technique and grips on all strokes, and an introduction to full court match play and scoring formats for doubles and singles.

Junior Tennis: Intermediate (11+ year olds)

Participants will have the knowledge and basic technique on all strokes and able to demonstrate them competently. More emphasis will be on shot production and rallying skills from the baseline. Players should now have the ability to play in a full court singles and doubles match.

Junior Tennis: Advanced (13+ year olds)

More emphasis is on tactical knowledge of the game and transferring this into a match play situation. The course concentrates more on consistency, shot selection and good technique.

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