Slowly, slowly smash those goals!

Feb 10, 2021 | Blog

It’s far too easy to develop a negative mindset towards your health and fitness. As human beings, we tend to focus on how far away we are from the finish line and achieving our goals, rather than reflecting on how far we’ve come. We have this ability to scare ourselves away from finishing what we started because we don’t see change happening fast enough. Likewise, if we start a new exercise journey too full-on with an unachievable aim, the likelihood is we will lose motivation and give up. 


Proceed with caution!

Focus on bitesize chunks - all goals no matter what they are can be broken down into smaller achievable targets that over several weeks can lead to big things. 

Weight loss made easier 

Aim low. Just 2 pounds a week for 14 weeks = 2 stone lost! The slower you lose weight, the more likely it will stay off. Make small amends to your nutrition and fitness and you won’t even notice a change to your lifestyle, but your waistline willHave a read of our New Year, New Approach blog for more top tips.   

Fitness Goals 

Shaving 10 -20 seconds off your 5k run time each month can build up to a 4-minute reduction over the space of a year. Try mixing up your training methods – interval vs. fartlek. This will help build up your strength as well as your distance and speed. Keep an eye out for our Training Methods 101 blog coming soon. 

Workout Days 

Don’t over commit. Start with one or two 20-minute workouts each week and steadily build up to three or four 30-minute sessions. Our live workout schedule is jam-packed with classes and is available for everyone to access and join in for FREE. 

Strengthen Up 

Adding an extra 1kg to each side of your bench press bar every fortnight, could see you on target to a whopping extra 50kg press PR in a year. Don’t let your body fool you into thinking you can lift heavier weight faster, this only leads to injury. 

Try something new 

Making yourself endure a particular workout is not the best approach. Not everyone is a runner or Body Attack class lover. Forcing yourself to hit the pavement or punch around your living room will only lead to dread … dread for the next workout. Our live classes and our on-demand workouts that are available on the Morefitness app give you the opportunity to adventure into new exercise territories before trying them in our Centres. 

Give something new a try today and find that fitness-fit that works for you. But just remember to take a slowly, slowly approach and you’ll smash your goals in no time.