A beginner’s guide to swimming

Dec 08, 2021 | Blog

Swimming costume? Check.
Goggles? Check.

Your first visit to the pool can understandably be a daunting experience. We know that you may feel a little out of place amongst more experienced swimmers, but remember that everybody has to begin somewhere.

It’s also worth reminding yourself that you’re there to hit your own fitness goals, like everybody else, so doing things at your own pace is important.

Here are a few pointers which may help a swimmer at the beginning of their journey with us.

  • REMEMBER, REMEMBER - It can sometimes be difficult to remember what to pack for your first time at the pool. Luckily, we’ve created a nice little tick list:
    Towel and robe
    Swimming cap
    (for poolside)
    Water bottle
    A post-workout snack.

  • DON’T GO AT IT ALONE! - If you are feeling a little nervous or unsure as to the pool layout or depth, speak to the lifeguard who will be more than happy to help – it is their job to keep everybody safe after all! We also have adult swimming lessons that can help build your water confidence, technique, and stamina.
  • THERE’S NO RUSH! - It may be worth asking where the quieter side of the pool is or quieter swim times if you would prefer. Sometimes centres have ‘beginner’ lanes so you can swim at your own pace!
  • DON’T FREEZE! When in the water, make sure you’re okay with the temperature before setting off – splashing some water on the back of your neck before you get in is great for acclimatisation, and make sure you warm up to reduce your risk of injury! Ask to use some equipment such as a float or woggle and perform kicking practice as a great warm-up.
  • AAAAND BREATHE! Once you’re warmed up, it may be worth practicing your breathing technique in the water. You can do this stationary with your feet on the floor, but it’s an important skill needed for swimming so it’s worth taking the time to practice. Working on breathing techniques is often a request at our Adult Swimming Lessons as it can directly improve technique and stamina, plus your enjoyment in the pool.
  • RELAX! Whilst swimming is a great form of exercise, it’s also safer and more enjoyable when you do it relaxed. Tensing up and being unable to control your breathing is not only dangerous but also uncomfortable. Remember that you’re in control and only move at the pace that you’re comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to stop and have a rest as you need. 
    Check out last month’s post to see which strokes are great for fitness and don’t forget our top tip to perform a star float on your back at the end of your session – RELAX and feel proud.

Hopefully, the above tips have helped you feel more prepared to begin your swimming journey. Remember to stay relaxed, be confident and enjoy your time in the water.

Find out more about our adult swimming lessons, or check out our pool Timetables.