The Backstroke – your secret weapon for swimming.

Jan 03, 2023 | Blog

Swimming is a unique form of exercise as it gives us a freedom and a weightlessness that you can’t get with other workouts. There are several swimming techniques, each with their own advantages, but this is why backstroke is your secret weapon for swimming.

A great warm-up – If you’re ever swimming competitively or are just doing some lengths of the pool, the backstroke can be a great warm up. The rotation of your shoulders and the stretching of your muscles are essential for a safe and comfortable swim – whichever technique you use. Try and incorporate the backstroke in your warm-up the next time you’re in the pool.

A full body workout – The backstroke is extremely beneficial to your core, chest, arms, legs and glutes. Consistently swimming on your back will help these muscle groups grow stronger and you’ll begin to see these muscles tone-up as they get stronger over time.

The safety stroke – Swimming backstroke is a great way of catching your breath if you’re ever in a dangerous position in the water. Simply laying on your back and floating will give your heart rate an opportunity to slow down if you ever become panicky or anxious. It’s also great for long or open water swims, so using backstroke as an alternative will vary which muscle groups you’re working hardest, and it ultimately makes it a more diverse and fun swim.

Improving technique – It probably sounds obvious, but the backstroke is essentially the front crawl but, you guessed it, on your back! This technique requires good posture, a straight back and relaxed, long legs with minimal bend at the knee. Perfecting the backstroke will help your posture and will aid your success with other swimming techniques.

Come down for a casual swim and put the backstroke into practice. If you’ve ever got any questions about swimming techniques or if there’s anything we can do to help – then please get in contact with our experienced team on your next visit. You can see our Timetables.